SAS Programming – BASE and Advanced

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This is a Live Course where the classes will be conducted on a specific timing, by an instructor, on web meeting. The details of the course will be sent you  sent to your registered email ID. For any other specific questions, you can reach us at


Program Description

Topics covered in this program.



– What is SAS?
– What is Business Analytics, Types, Tools and Techniques?
– Understanding SAS Work environment
– How to download and install SAS software?
– Accessing SAS software ?
– Creating Folders and Loading Data
– Understanding SAS Datasets
– SAS References, Guides and source of information
– Creating Library using Libname
– PROC Print and contents
– Understanding Raw Data
– Creating and Deleting SAS program in EG and SAS Studio
– SAS Libraries
– Importing and Exporting Data

Data Step Programming

– Input files, data
– Creating a new variable
– Keeping variables
– Dropping variables
– Subsetting using where, if
– Keep and Drop options
– Compilation and Execution Phases
– If vs Where
– Statement vs Option
– Combine and Modify Data
– Concatenating Datasets
– Interleaving method
– Data Manipulation

PROC Step processing

– Proc print
– proc sort
– proc means
– proc freq
– proc transpose
– proc report

SAS Functions

– Functions
– Character and Numeric Functions
– Date Functions

SAS Formats and Informats

– Formats and Informats
– User defined formats
– Format catalog and FMTsearch option
– CNTLIN and CNTLOUT option
– Creating Run time Formats

Combining SAS Dataset Vertically and Horizontally

– One on one merge
– concatenation
– merging datasets
– Right and left joins
– one to one merge
– one to many merge
– many to many merge

Advanced SAS


– Basic DBMS and RDBMS Concepts
– Using SQL procedures in SAS
– Using conditional statements in SQL and aggregate functions
– Data manipulation using Proc SQL

Macro Programming

– Macro processor
– Macro variables
– Local Symbol Table
– Global Symbol Table
– Positional and Keyword parameters
– Debugging a macro
– Macro functions
– Masking functions


– proc sql vs data step
– proc sql vs proc means,
– proc sql vs proc sort,
– proc sql vs proc frq,
– cartesian product,
– proc sql vs merge,
– creating macro variable in proc sql
– Using built-in macro procedures and functions

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